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What is the Subclass 870  – Sponsored Parent visa?

  • The Subclass 870 – Sponsored Parent is for a parent of settled Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizen to come to or reside in Australia for 3 – 5 years.
  • A parent does include a step-parent, biological or adoptive parent.
  • Eligible citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their parent/s for a temporary stay in Australia.
  • This visa enables you to live in Australia on a temporary basis.


  • You are able to provide nominate a sponsor with a parent sponsorship that has been approved in the last six months.
  • You can show that you can meet the costs of your intended period of stay in Australia
  • You have health insurance for the period you will visit.
  • You meet health and character requirements.


  • You may be onshore or offshore when making this visa application.
  • You may be onshore or offshore when this visa is granted.
  • This visa is a cheaper alternative to other Parent visas with faster global processing times
  • Permits a temporary stay only
  • You will not be granted Australian working rights and must demonstrate sufficient finances to cover your intended stay.
  • There must be an approved family sponsor in place.
  • You may be able to visit your onshore partner during the processing of this visa, on a Visitor visa.
  • This visa grants you multiple travel facilities – that is, you can arrive and depart Australia on this visa.
  • You can may be able to apply for further 870 visa (up to a period of 10 years stay).
  • Your dependents or partner may also apply for this visa if you intend for them to migrate with you. You must be able to prove this relationship.


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